How to Make Money Thanks to Dream Interpretation

Your dreams are not produced by chance. Your dreams are produced by the divine unconscious mind. The wisdom contained in the dream messages helps you solve your problems because the unconscious mind works like a natural psychotherapist. Everything in your life depends on your mental stability.

If you have financial problems and you don’t know what to do, you should start writing down your dreams everyday and learn how to translate their meaning based on the scientific method of dream interpretation, which was discovered by Carl Jung. I simply simplified and clarified his method after discovering more.

The unconscious mind is God’s mind. God will help you make money and solve your daily problems because your survival is an important aspect of your life. It is a basic aspect. Without surviving you cannot live.

First of all you have to transform your personality. The unconscious mind helps you solve your psychological problems and learn how to be wise. Then, everything in your life gets better.

I give you many free lessons of dream interpretation in my articles. If you’ll be a serious student and you’ll respect the importance of the unconscious guidance in dreams, you will make money and manage to triumph in life. Then, you’ll help many other people.

God will give you money so that you may save others with your work. You will help God put an end to terror and poverty with your brilliant example. Your extraordinary personality will inspire the new generations.

I’m sure you’ll desire to be generous. God will transform you into a perfect human being. You’ll have many advantages if you’ll follow the divine guidance in dreams.

You will find sound mental health and wisdom, and then, easily solve your financial problems, relationship problems, and all the other problems of your life. You only have to obey the unconscious guidance and become a better person. Your goodness will help you make money, find your perfect match, make many good friends, and gradually achieve many goals.

Many people cannot understand how we can understand the psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in dream messages. They believe that dreams are confusing images that don’t follow a logical sequence.

The dream images that compose a dream story have a specific meaning, and are related to all the messages contained in each dream found in a dream collection. Your dreams are like the chapters of a book. All dream images have a specific meaning.

Each dream story existent in the same dream repeats a previous message, and adds another type of information to the unconscious lessons. Dreams are very well-organized projections.

All the dreams you have the same night give you the same information in different ways. Many times they make comparisons, showing you future predictions that reflect your positive and your negative destiny, depending on your attitude. You have the chance to understand what to do in order to follow your positive destiny.

You should be intelligent and do what the divine unconscious mind shows you in your dreams without insisting on your personal opinion, even when you disagree with this guidance. Don’t waste your time disagreeing with the unconscious wisdom. This wisdom was already tested many times; it never fails.

When you’ll understand the meaning of the dream images, you will see all your psychological problems clearly reflected in your own dreams. You’ll have many explanations about your behavior. Thus, you’ll understand your psychological condition and what is going wrong with you. You’ll also understand how to stop suffering and evolve.

The unconscious mind makes a plan and sends you exactly the information you need in the situation you are. All dream images work like psychotherapy. They have a certain effect in your behavior, even if you cannot remember your dreams.

Your dreams give you information while you sleep. When you are sleeping you understand this information, but you forget it when you wake up.

This information doesn’t help you as much as it could if you don’t remember the guidance you had while you were sleeping. However, if you’ll write down your dreams, you can translate their meaning and understand the information given to you by the unconscious mind when you were sleeping.

Now that Carl Jung managed to discover the symbolic meaning of the dream language, and now that I managed to simplify his complicated method, you can easily understand the secret messages of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind will help you successfully solve all problems.

The fact that today many people believe in the power of attraction, and the fact that holistic medicine is gradually replacing traditional medicine prove that humanity is finally discovering the existence of our spiritual reality, and using its power. We cannot see our spiritual reality behind the material reality, but the fact that it is invisible to our eyes doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

The miracles made thanks to positive thinking, and the miracles made thanks to natural remedies and special techniques prove that we can solve our problems through many ways. We don’t depend only on the material reality.

We can solve problems that belong to our material reality by taking into consideration our spiritual reality. Methods based on our spiritual transformation are as effective as traditional therapeutical methods, or even more. For example, psychosomatic medicine cures those who suffer from physical diseases based on the comprehension of their moral mistakes.

If you want to solve all the problems of your life (besides making money) you only have to follow the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams. The unconscious mind will show you how to deal with abstract spiritual laws.

Many ancient civilizations respected the importance of dreams like the Native Americans, because they could understand the messages contained in the dream images. They saw that they were protected by God thanks to dream warnings and predictions. They verified that they had numerous advantages when they respected the divine guidance.

Today you can easily learn the dream language and discover the power of dreams like these civilizations. You’ll have the chance to understand what people who had a philosophy of life totally different from the absurd lifestyle of the modern age could understand.

Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to purify your spirit and prepare yourself for the time when money won’t have any value. When you’ll abandon the material reality you’ll be glad with yourself if you’ll transform your personality and purify your spirit during your life.

Now you only want to make money and solve your daily problems. However, later you’ll understand that your life has another dimension. Your spirit won’t die with your body, even though it depends on your attitude during your lifetime.

Money is only a component of your happiness on Earth. When you’ll learn what to do in order to deserve making money, you will make a lot of money and help many people.

You must help many people if you want to find salvation. Your generosity is indispensable.

Your spirit remains under-developed or evolves, depending on your attitude. If you won’t transform your personality while you are alive your spirit will remain under-developed. If you’ll care only about making money without becoming a better person, you’ll regret having wasted a special opportunity to abandon the wild animal nature and evolve.

Fortunately, the unconscious mind transforms your personality when you follow dream therapy. This means that your spirit passes through the necessary evolutionary process without a doubt. You will surely attain higher levels of knowledge and spiritual perfection.

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